Annette Coleman

The Collective Dream: A body of work based on dreams.

Annette mines the fragments of her nightly dreams to create layered works of art. Bringing seemingly disparate archetypes and symbols together with wax and pigments, she creates richly imagined landscapes of the unconscious.


On Public Art Projects: Mosaics, Sculptures and Public Art Installations are the medium of choice for Annette.

–“Public art should inspire & bring different sensibilities together. Even a graphic depiction should have underpinnings in a strong concept. The idea can be abstracted to the point that it is more design than actual representation. But, still the essential message comes through the shapes, the color & a dance of light refracting off of the mosaics or sculptures.”

As a fine artist and community organizer Annette brings a unique perspective to public art. For the past 35+ years, her imagination and natural sense of design have helped her create award-winning ideas and effective artful solutions. Each installation is designed and built for the location working closely with project Architects, Landscape Designers, Art Selection Committees and the public to ensure the artwork works well within the projects overall design and esthetic goals.

I love creating  durable mosaic murals and sculptures using tiles and stained glass that are shaped and placed in colored grout. These mosaics can last for decades with minimal upkeep, just a wash of a water-based sealant in the fall if they are outside is all that needs to be done to ensure longevity. Painted murals are also a favorite medium because of the ability to use recycled paint. My dream as a ReCycleArtista is keeping the landfills free of unwanted cans of paint.

Type: Ceramics, Collage and Assemblage, Installation, Sculpture
Style: Abstract

Annette Coleman

340 South Balsam
Lakewood, CO 80226