Ala Park

My FishBone art is a three-dimensional art on dark backgrounds displayed in shadow boxes, using only discarded fish bones. This is a completely original art form that I developed on my own in 1994, while living in my native country, the Republic of Moldova. As an artist working in many different areas, including Encaustics, Textile Design and and Literary works, I felt I had to challenge myself in some entirely new way.
These pieces are something that one may not have seen before or even imagined possible.
To create this type of decorative artwork I use naturally curved and shaped bones. Using different types of fishbones allows me to create beautiful scenes with flowers, birds, animals landscapes, and sea life, etc..
Each work seems to offer the fish a new life in an unexpected way. Indubitable, it is hard to believe that the material for these exquisite paintings is an ordinary fish with its scales, eyes and bones.

Both, FishBone Art and Encaustic art are my personal way of expression based on my dreams, inspiration and creativity. Each artwork is unique and individual and represents my inner love and gratitude for nature and life, capturing those elusive visions that so easily vanish yet form the inspirations that helped  to create each painting to be enjoyed and remembered for ages.

Type: Installation, Painting

Ala Park

742 Peakview Rd
Boulder, CO 80302

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