4 Mile Creek Studio- Lee Heekin

”I have always been drawn to the order of a grid. I am intrigued by how a simple form such as a box can accumulate to create something that is no longer a rigid form but an organic undulating form.”-Lee Heekin

Lee Heekin explores issues of confinement across a variety of subjects and diverse processes; she uses wood, wax, resin, oil and acrylic.  These materials help her explore the tension between accepting and defying boundaries in a tangible, tactile and interactive way. Heekin transforms the inanimate objects into a sculptural relief that is no longer a rigid object; but instead a sculptural balance between materials that create and invite a new perspective. Heekin uses the repetition of simple lines, forms and shapes to create dynamic and playful sculpture.

Type: Collage and Assemblage, Installation, Painting, Printmaking
Style: Abstract

4 Mile Creek Studio- Lee Heekin

3696 Martinique Ave
boulder, CO 80301
Website: http://www.leeheekin.com

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