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NoBo Art Center Exhibition – Lakin Fain and Lucas Farlow

June 7 - June 30

Figure and Portrait Oil Paintings / Drawings by Lakin Fain and Lucas Farlow

Artist hosted gallery hours include: Lakin Fain on Friday, June 14th and Friday, June 28th from 4:00 to 7:00 PM and Lucas Farlow on Saturday, June 15th and Saturday, June 22nd from 1:00 to 3:00 PM.

Lakin Fain’s documentary screening has been postponed.

Lakin Fain started oil painting at a young age, growing up in Kentucky. She finds inspiration in the country culture of rural Kentucky in which she spent much of her childhood. She tends to pair this traditional aesthetic with more contemporary ideas to create an eccentric representation of her childhood experiences. Lakin is motivated by irregularity and aims to portray figures in an unexpected way in her work. She is excited by how ordinary subjects can be portrayed in colorful and irregular ways that contradict stereotypes and make viewers question their stigmas around aesthetics and tradition. Lakin has developed a large body of work as she explores her artistic voice and style. Her work ranges in mediums- subjects- and styles, however, the one constant through all of her artistic phases in life has been a love for light and color within the human figure. 

This show displays two contrasted aesthetics within two practices of art: 1) the historic tradition of figure drawing- and 2) a more animated, playful depiction of humans in the colorful oil paintings. Both give a sense of the life behind each character illustrated. The figure drawings are formal and literal, given that they were drawn from live observation. On the other hand, the oil paintings are theatrical and exaggerated since they were conceived in the artist’s head. This double-sided representation of such characters gives a glimpse into the dichotomy of each individual. The contrasted styles also entertain the artist’s interest in the balance between formal tradition and spontaneous irregularity.

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Instagram: @lakinpaintin

Lucas Farlow: I have always liked urban aesthetics and art that depicts everyday life. My style has evolved over the almost eight years I’ve been painting, but realism and impressionism are my main go to styles. For my portraits, the subjects are more than likely painting realistically except for the bright color palette.  The backgrounds of my portraits, if a cityscape or nature scene are impressionistic these days.

I love painting cityscapes and city street scenes even though I could never see myself living in a city full of hustle and bustle. I think I enjoy looking at it from afar. Wet streets are always interesting to me and having reflections allows me to intensify the colors of the lights and buildings etc.

Why do I paint portraits? In 2018, I tried one of my first portrait paintings. I wanted a challenge. Something different. Compared to how my portraits are done today, overall my early portraits were done in bland colors but the use of highlights and intense shadows was prevalent even back then. I had fun with it but didn’t feel too attached to the idea of painting people. I decided to delve back into portrait painting in 2022. I found inspiration in figures highlighted in intense neon colors. I found a muse in painting women usually in bright synthwave colors. Several of my pieces have neon lights and colors in non-objective designs. But, others have them in various settings like city streets and cityscapes. I think the female form is really fun and beautiful to paint. The challenge of getting light and shadow just right with color mixing, too, is very entertaining to me. Using bright colors to accent as shadows and highlights. I rarely paint portraits with the person smiling.  Moodiness adds to the overall emotion and aesthetic I’m going for. Many of the subjects of my portraits seem to be daydreaming or lost in thought. It gives the viewer another thing to make up in their head about the person in the painting. What are they thinking about? Did they have a good day and they are remembering everything that happened? Or is it that they are feeling nostalgic and dreaming of old memories they wish they could relive? One aspect of myself I paint into my portraits or scenes with people is empathic nature, I’m an empath and I  hope it looks like the subjects in my pieces are feeling intensely and thus making the viewers feel that intensity. I think the world needs more color. Thus, I add synthwave or rainbow-like color schemes to my paintings of more or less everyday scenes.

Synthwave colors: I’m not sure what drew me to the synthwave color schemes. I was born in the early eighties and so I remember that aesthetic. Even though, synthwave is more of an exaggeration of the 80s-90s style and color. But, purple is my favorite color and used a lot in synthwave style art. I love using neon pink, neon blue, and Phthalo blue along with purple. I guess it reminds me of simpler times. I believe synthwave colors and or lo-fi colors are very calming and soothing to viewers. So, I think adding them to my work gives viewers relief from stress and can add wonder to their days.

What draws customers to my art? People have said they are especially drawn to my portraits because of the way I chose to do the eyes. For my landscapes, I believe people are drawn to the calming nature to my work and often I get comments from people who mention they see places they have been to. It always makes me smile when someone says my art reminds them of something good. I was inspired by Bob Ross growing up. I watched his shows all the time. Even though he did oil painting, I found ways to use his techniques in acrylic paint.

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