east window / new gallery in North Boulder CO. USA


We’d like to let you know that we’ve opened a new art gallery/window on the Front Range called east window. We’re a non-profit arts organization that supports and promotes diverse artistic practices and the ideas that surround them. east window opened its doors (its window actually) in May 2020, and is designed for the presentation and outdoor viewing of programmed as well as guest-curated screenings, exhibits and installations. We’ll be featuring artists whose work responds to intimate and personal as well as urgent social and political issues of our time. We hope that the works to be shown at east window will attest to contemporary art’s ongoing relevance within social discourse and its capacity to create a more socially just, equitable, accessible and inclusive world.

east window is located at: 4949 Broadway Unit 102-B
Todd Herman- founder of east window   eastwindow.org

Currently on view at east window through July 31st, 2020

FEARS OF YOUR LIFE  features excerpts from Michael Bernard Loggins’s unique handwritten book of the same name. The author battles his fears by listing more than 138 of them in a recent edition of the cult classic made famous by NPR’s This American Life. Michael’s books are available through Manic D Press. Michael Bernard Loggins is a writer and visual artist who worked with Creativity Explored, an art studio for adults with disabilities in San Francisco, California (lights are on until 10pm nightly).