east window

Opening at east window

4949 Broadway
Unit 102-B
Boulder, Colorado 80304

August 1 – August 27, 2020

Daniel Green’s artwork conveys an intense and playful fascination with American entertainment and popular culture.  Working on wood, cardboard, and paper, Green uses ink to draw figures from television, politics, sports, or history, and then carefully lists dates, titles of shows and songs, cities, and names. Within the dense repetition of his lists sometimes lurks brief, but direct, personal statements, which comment on his immediate environment and concerns. Daniel’s work has been exhibited internationally.

Green began working at Creativity Explored, an art studio for adults with developmental disabilities in San Francisco, California in 2008.  Creativity Explored was was launched by Florence and Elias Katz in 1983, sparked by a worldwide movement toward the deinstitutionalization of people with disabilities, and a growing advocacy for their dignity and self-determination. For over 36 years Creativity Explored has facilitated the careers of hundreds of artists with disabilities by offering space, support and representation.

For more information about Daniel Green and Creativity Explored please visit: creativityexplored.org. (lights are on until 10pm nightly)