Christopher Warren Mural 2018

Christopher Warren


Location: Broadway and Violet (west side)

By taking the real topographic lines of Boulder and the foothills, and replacing them with bands of color, I create an immersive and engrossing image that has a very strong and undeniable sense of place. The topography is accompanied by a “You Are Here” sign painted into the image to show the exact location of the site (Broadway and Violet). Boulder’s culture and history is shaped by the land that surrounds it, and with this mural, the NoBo Arts District reflects on that past and present, and projects a new vision and interpretation of its surroundings into the future. The image is accessible to all, instantly engrossing with a deeper tie to the surroundings. Just as Boulder is an entrance to the mountains, this image of boulder’s topography will serve as a great entrance to the NoBo Arts District, with the “You Are Here” sign poised on the calm topography of the plains, just on the edge of the tumultuous landforms of the foothills. This mural welcomes, delights and intrigues all who interact with it, and is a neighborhood highlight.

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