Deadline Extended – Call to Artists Request for Qualifications and Proposals (RFQ&P) – The NoBo Art District Welcome Mural

Deadline Extended – Call to Artists – Request for Qualifications and Proposals (RFQ&P)  

The NoBo Art District Welcome Mural

Artist Stipend:  $2000

NEW Submittal Deadline:  August 20th, 2018 6:00 PM

Opportunity Description

The NoBo Art District requests qualifications and proposals from local artists, for a mural opportunity that will serve as a place-making project and welcoming landmark for the NoBo Art District. This mural project will be considered a temporary art installation with an expected minimum lifespan of 2-5 years.

The Mission of the NoBo Art District is to enrich and advance the arts in Boulder through educational activities and engagement that promote the role of artists and creatives in our community.


NoBo Art District is a unique evolving enclave at the north edge of Boulder. Split by Broadway into its two unique personalities, this eclectic developing district is ripe for new visual and urban design interventions that mark its place and possibilities for residents, visitors, artists and others. New public art and buildings will begin to define the existing funky, rural, strip and neo industrial character on the west side, and sensitive infill projects will complement the successful well known new neo historic urban development and established commercial destinations at Holiday on the east side of Broadway. As a center for new social services serving the whole city, Boulders homeless shelter and affordable housing strengthen the neighborhood’s diverse character with shining new facilities and needed affordable residences. Along Broadway today high-end cycling shops, coffee shops and  restaurants market sophisticated hipster experiences and food alongside occasional food trucks , artist and maker studios, new real estate projects, mobile home projects, chain lodging, and a very large collection of storage centers.


The site is located on the west side of Broadway at Violet in Boulder, at the southernmost entry point of the district and will serve as a welcoming landmark and visual identifier for the NoBo Art District. The building’s exterior is a mix of smooth and rough concrete block surface. The mural will be located on the south side wall and the left side of the front of the building, (currently Stradalli Cycle Sport retail store.)

Site Photos & Dimensions:

Front Wall

Front wall dimensions: W: 208” x H: 176

South side wall view

South Wall w/dimensions


This project is open only to artists or artist teams who reside and do their artistic work in front range Colorado, including Boulder County and the surrounding areas.

All applicants must be at least 18 years of age and have all necessary documentation and permits to work in the United States at the time of submittal of qualifications.

Project Goals

  1. Increased visibility for the NoBo Art District
  2. Building community among the neighbors and local businesses
  3. Creating pedestrian friendly experiences
  4. Supporting the local economy
  5. Visually defining the NoBo Art District

Design & Themes

This mural will be an early mark of the universal creative spirit and bright energy becoming more public in NoBo with art, events and developing infrastructure.  It will help to establish a creative identity and spirit for the developing NoBo Art District, particularly on the west side of Broadway. It’s south facing wall will be seen by many people along the busy Broadway corridor and will delight people with a unique, bold and cheerful character. The theme could speak to the disappearing cultural legacy of the area (Holiday Drive-In, Industrial Legacy, Bus Stop, etc.), or the future of our creative cultural landscape. It’s important to recognize that it does not need to repeat the already well known Boulder recreation and natural graphic identities. This mural will serve as a significant temporary landmark and entry feature in NoBo, and the mural will express NoBo as an artful and special place to live, work and play. 

The community describes the NoBo Art District as:

Alive • First Friday Art • active • bikers • artists’ haven • gritty • excitement • beautiful, radiant, dramatic light • innovative • creative spirit • casual atmosphere • cauldron of opportunities • community • contemporary • crossroads • contrasts in new and old • urban • offbeat • potential • developing open opportunities • scrappy • vintage • good restaurants • inclusive • individualistic • inviting • less crowded • unique to our city • multidimensional • old, but so NEW! • new restaurants, shops • old strip mall • quirky

Evaluation Criteria

Artists proposals will be evaluated based on artistic merit, community impact and managerial capability using the following evaluation scoring criteria:

  • High quality and reflection of aesthetic appropriate for NoBo Art District mural project goals
  • Adaptability to the collaborative process of public art design
  • Demonstrated knowledge and experience of public art creation
  • Ability to create a unique and engaging work of art appropriate in concept, materials and scale
  • People’s choice design favorite (a selection of finalists may have the opportunity for public feedback which will be considered in the final selection)
  • Availability to complete work before September 30, 2018

Selection Process

The NoBo Art District will convene an appropriate selection panel including NoBo board members, community and business members, building owner/renters and arts administrators. The selection panel will review each applicant’s work samples and materials in order to evaluate qualifications and the design proposal of the applicant based on the above mentioned “evaluation criteria”.

The community input portion of the process may include both online and event based feedback on a semi-finalist selection of artists that will then be considered in the final selection process.

Project Scope and Budget

Mural designs should extend the full south side of the building and wrap around to the front left of the building. Artists may elect to design with the structure of the rough blocking, eliminating or incorporating it into their designs.

A stipend of $2000 for the Artist should include materials, time, insurance etc.

NoBo Art District will provide additional materials support up to $500 (as needed) for items such as scaffolding and paint.  NoBo Art District will provide a final UV/Anti-Graffiti coating after final installation.

How to Apply

The following items should be emailed together in ONE email, with subject “{ARTIST NAME} NoBo Mural RFQP Application ” to:  by August 20th 2018, 6:00PM.

  1. Artist Statement of Interest: Submission must include an Artist Statement of Interest that specifically addresses your artist’s perspective on, and interest in, participating in a public mural for the NoBo Art District. NoBo Members please include your current membership status in your statement.
  2. Resume/CV + References: Submission shall include a current resume or CV that outlines your professional accomplishments as an artist along with 2 professional references.
  3. Images of Past Work: (minimum of 3, maximum of 10. no larger than 1000 pixels) Submission must include visual representations of samples of your past artwork appropriate to this project.  Please include a list of the submitted project images with descriptions that clearly explain both the projects and images.
  4. Project design proposal: Please include (3-5) images (sketch/design/mock ups) and a project statement describing your approach and intention for this mural project.

Dates and Schedule

Submission Deadline:  Monday August 20th, 2018 6:00pm

Finalist Selection Notification:  Friday September 1st, 2018

Mural Installation:  September 15th – 30th, 2018