CALL for NoBo Group exhibits during Boulder Arts Week 2018

CALL for NoBo Group exhibits during Boulder Arts Week 2018

The NoBo Art District will place group exhibits in our Business Member venues and in other possible exhibition locations for several months or for First Friday pop-up galleries, occurring during Boulder Arts Week, March 30 – April 7, 2018. NoBo has selected themes for these group exhibits. NoBo Member Artists are invited to submit up to five pieces to be considered for any individual exhibit theme and may submit pieces to be considered for more than one of these exhibits. These group exhibits will be curated on the themes described below, from artists’ submissions. Because the number and nature of pieces we will receive for these themes is unknown, exhibit locations for these themed exhibits will be decided after the submission window is closed. Artwork submitted for consideration for these exhibits must be available from February 26th through April 30th, 2018.


  • Submission Deadline: February 4, 2018
  • Receptions: First Friday, April 6, 2018, during Boulder Arts Week
  • Many Locations in the NoBo Art District

ELIGIBILITY:  The exhibits open to members of the NoBo Art District in good standing, (up to date on your dues). Participants are expected to contribute in some way; hosting, gallery sitting, PR, providing food, help with art drop-off and pick-up, installation, etc.  There is no fee to participate.

HOW TO SUBMIT:  Submit up to five pieces per artist, per theme. 2-D or 3-D work (wall art is limited to a maximum width of 36”). Email jpg, pdf or png image files as attachments to with “Group Exhibit Submissions” in the subject line. Label each file according to this example: YourLastName.YourFirstInitial.Title.OfArtwork.ThemeFromNoBoList.jpg, e.g. smith.j.flatironsatdusk.dusktodawn.jpg.

 Include in your reply:

  • Name, phone, email
  • Theme or Themes
  • Medium and 2-D (max width 36”) or 3-D
  • Dimensions of work submitted
  • Installation needs, (wall, pedestal, floor, ceiling).
  • Volunteer preference: host, gallery-sit…

Please feel free to contact us with questions:

Deadline for submissions: February 4th, 2018  Send your Submissions to:

Group Exhibit Themes – You are welcome to submit any style of art from abstract to representational and in any medium you like in interpretation of these themes. The following descriptors are not absolute, they are merely suggestions to give you a starting point.

Celebration of Color: We live in a world resplendent in color. Celebrate the colors of the world in your art and travel wherever this suggestion takes you.

Gray Scale: If you’re not feeling like producing a celebration of color, what direction can you go in interpreting gray scale or in recognition of stark or sublime neutrals? Does “gray scale” simply mean hue to you, or can you take it in a more abstract, conceptual direction?

Dusk to Dawn: The time between sunset and sunrise is magical. Stars twinkle in the night sky; the moon shines silvery light on the earth; creatures snuggle down, protecting themselves for a night of rest, or take to the air or go on the prowl. What images does this time suggest to you? Bedtime stories, sweet dream flights of fancy, surreal images, or terrifying nightmares? Consider the challenge of representing what the night means to you.

Your Wildest Dreams: Our dreams can recount the mundane and worrisome elements of the conscious day or they can solve problems, provide visions for what might be, turn events inside out and render them surreal or hilarious. What are your wildest dreams? Take this challenge and create art that speaks to YOUR wildest dreams.

Can you kitsch me? One definition of kitsch refers to art that reflects popular or “low brow” taste. “Kitsch” can describe tacky knick knacks found in a junk shop, but as artists, you can incorporate these objects in items that delight and bring a smile, or provoke new ideas and conversations. Outsider, “brut” art often has elements of kitsch and this art is often approachable to children and adults alike.

Flight: Flights of fancy, fluttering of wings, the power of turbines, a brilliant stroke of the mind like Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. What is your interpretation of “Flight?” Take this theme and fly with it.

In My Corner: The idiomatic direction for this theme means support by another, e.g. “Mom was always in my corner.” You may want to play with this interpretation or think about your own “corner of the world.” Does this theme suggest architecture to you and an actual corner? Play with this theme and have fun.

Frontiers: Simply defined, a frontier is a line or border providing a separation. This can be a separation of land – between countries or territories, settled land versus wilderness. A frontier may also describe the extreme limit of understanding or achievement in an area of study, e.g. “extending the frontiers of knowledge.” Is there a frontier that your art celebrates, describes or defines?

Wellness: While we are not predetermining which themed exhibit will be placed within each specific venue, there is one exception. Awaken Chiropractic, a NoBo member sharing space with other wellness practitioners, is looking for art that speaks directly to the theme of “Wellness.” The National Wellness Institute lays out three generally accepted principles of wellness, 1) a conscious, self-directed and evolving process of achieving full potential, 2) a multidimensional and holistic, encompassing lifestyle, mental and spiritual well-being, and environment, and 3) a quality that is positive and affirming. Would you like to expand on these principles? What does wellness look like for a society? For the planet? For …?

Take a Stand: The past year presented us with many opportunities to take a stand on political, social, environmental issues and more. This exhibit is an opportunity to interpret taking a stand in whatever way is meaningful to you. Here are some paraphrased elements from activist Holly Near’s New Year’s Facebook post to stimulate your thinking: ‘Focus on that which moves us up. … Not just about wrongs, but our rights. Lift up law and civility. Talk about how we organize. Avoid nagging about little things. Post our news. Share acts of resistance going on in towns all over the world. We are not the first, we are not the last. Put resistance, art and beauty on the front page of social media. Inspire each other. Thank each other. Invite each other. Here comes 2018!