Call for Exhibitions 2024

Collaborative • Diverse • Innovative 

We at NoBo Art District are seeking exhibition proposals for our Galleries at the Bus Stop Apartments and at the NoBo Art Center. We are looking for creative statements and artistic proposals that will engage and captivate our community. NoBo member artists and arts organizations are encouraged to submit proposals for individual and group shows. Proposals are also  encouraged to be multimodal and inclusive of visual, installation and performance art mediums. Non-members are also encouraged to apply, and upon selection would need to become a member prior to exhibiting any work in NoBo Galleries.

We at Nobo carefully select exhibition proposals, and base each selection on their active impact to the community, as well as their inclusion of marginalized and underrepresented artists…with inspiration from beyond the gallery walls…and beyond museum programs. 

About the Gallery: 

What used to be the BusStop Gentlemen’s club, still sitting at 4895 Broadway, has now evolved into the Gallery at the Bus Stop Apartments. The Bus Stop Gallery is the perfect location for showcasing the contemporary genius of the visual, performing, and classical arts. The five modern glass garage doors overlook a beautiful horizon, providing a safe refuge from the elemental exposure, viewing space for exhibits, live performances, and other outdoor events, as well as a modern industrial edge to the architectural atmosphere of the bus stop gallery.

About the Art Center

The NoBo Art Center is our warehouse studio space in “Emerald City”. We host monthly art exhibits with openings on First Fridays. Additional opportunities for members to host events, workshops, classes, performance and practice space. 

Selection Process:

The NoBo selection committee will review the proposals with consideration given to: 

  1. Innovation::
    • How does the exhibit address the goals of this call?
  2. Diversity::
    •  How is the exhibit inclusive of artists and topics that address populations and themes that are currently and/or traditionally underrepresented in Boulder and the NoBo Art District?
  3. Collaborations::
    • How is the exhibit inclusive to collaboration with other artists, organizations or concepts that are multidisciplinary?

Submission Deadlines: 

December 30th 2023 for exhibitions in April – May 2024

February 28th 2024 for exhibitions in June – August 2024

April 30th 2024 for exhibitions in September – December 2024

Submission Requirements: 

  • Each creative work should include a written exhibition proposal and an artist statement. (Please be descriptive and specific about how you plan to curate your exhibition, involve other artists, build on themes or explore specifics of what makes your proposal unique)
  • 5-7 images of proposed work (in small jpg format 300-400 kb) 
  • Proposed months for exhibition/Timeline (this is a request but cannot be guaranteed. Final dates will be negotiated and confirmed with the exhibition agreement)
  • Artists will be notified by the NoBo Curatorial Committee of the selections at least 2 months prior to the proposed exhibition date .

Artist Expectations for all exhibitions include:

  • Exhibitions are 4 weeks and will include one First Friday and Second Saturday event each month
  • All exhibitors will be required to read and sign a copy of the NoBo Art District’s exhibition agreement
  • All sales should run through NoBo’s square account and NoBo will take care of paying all sales tax on behalf of the artist. 
  • NoBo shall receive a 30% commission for any work sold which helps to support the rent and expenses of operating both gallery spaces.   
  • Volunteer hours are required in the form of exhibition installation, gallery sitting hours, de-installation and wall restoration as needed. The gallery is not regularly staffed by NoBo Art District. 
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