Call for Artists – Request for Proposals (RFP) – NoBo Art District North Welcome Mural

Call for Artists – Request for Proposals (RFP)

NoBo Art District North Welcome Mural

Artist Stipend:  $6000

Submittal Deadline:  July 31, 2019 6:00 PM  

Location:  4949 N. Broadway Boulder, CO

Opportunity Description

The NoBo Art District requests proposals from local artists, for a mural opportunity that will serve as a place-making project for the NoBo Art District. This mural project will be considered a temporary art installation with an expected minimum lifespan of 2-5 years.

The Mission of the NoBo Art District is to enrich and advance the arts in Boulder through educational activities and engagement that promote the role of artists and creatives in our community.


NoBo Art District is a unique evolving enclave at the north edge of Boulder. Split by Broadway into its two unique personalities, this eclectic developing district is ripe for new visual and urban design interventions that mark its place and possibilities for residents, visitors, artists and others. New public art and buildings will begin to define the existing funky, rural, strip and industrial character on the west side, and sensitive infill projects will complement the successful well known neo historic urban development and established commercial destinations at Holiday on the east side of Broadway. Along Broadway today high-end cycling shops, coffee shops and  restaurants market sophisticated hipster experiences and food alongside occasional food trucks , artist and maker studios, new real estate projects, mobile home projects, chain lodging, and a very large collection of storage centers.  NoBo is home to social services serving the whole city, Boulder’s homeless shelter and affordable housing strengthen the neighborhood’s diverse character with shining new facilities and needed affordable residences.


The site is located on the west side of 4949 N. Broadway in Boulder, at the northern entry point of the district and will serve as a welcoming landmark and visual identifier for the NoBo Art District. The mural will be located on the east facing end of the building.  This site historically housed an orchard, homestead and chicken coop supplying eggs and apples to the community.

Site Photos & Dimensions

Surface will be prepped and primed prior to installation by the building owner. Upper portion of the building is corrugated metal and lower portion is wood siding.

Length = 80 feet

Height at peak = 25 feet

Height at sides = 19 feet