2023 Call for Exhibitions at The Bus Stop Gallery

The Gallery at the Bus Stop Apartments

Dynamic • Diverse • Timely • Relevant

The NoBo Art District seeks exhibition proposals for the Gallery at the Bus Stop Apartments that will engage and inspire our community. NoBo member artists and arts organizations are invited to submit proposals for individual and group shows, including visual, installation and performance art mediums. Selections will be based on the potential impact to the community, as well the inclusion of artists that have been under-represented in mainstream gallery and museum programs. 

About the Gallery: 

Sitting on the old Bustop Gentleman’s Club site at 4895 Broadway, the Gallery at the Bus Stop Apartments is the perfect location to showcase contemporary visual, performing, and classic art. The five retractable, modern glass garage doors present a perfect opportunity for safe, physically distanced art viewing for exhibits, live performances, and other open air, indoor/outdoor small group events.

Selection Process:

The selection committee will review the proposals based on 1) Creativity; how dynamic will the exhibit be in addressing the needs of this call, 2) Diversity; the inclusion of artists and topics that address populations and themes that are traditionally underrepresented, 3) Community connection; topics that are relevant to the local community and include collaboration with local individuals/organizations. 

Submission Deadlines: 

Apply by March 31, 2023 for exhibitions in July – August – September 2023

Apply by June 30, 2023 for exhibitions in October – September – December 2023

Apply by September 30, 2023 for exhibitions in January – February – March 2024

Apply by December 30, 2023 for exhibitions in April – May – June 2024

Submission Requirements: 

  • Written exhibition proposal along with an artist statement
  • 5-7 images of proposed work (in small jpg format 300-400 kb)
    A current NoBo Membership is required at the time of your submission. 
  • Proposed month for exhibition (this is a request but cannot be guaranteed. Final dates will be negotiated and confirmed with the exhibition agreement)
  • All submissions to be sent by email only: NoBoArtCalls@gmail.com

Exhibition Details:

  • Artists will be notified of selection at least 3 months prior to the proposed exhibition date 
  • Exhibitions are 4 weeks and will include a First Friday and Second Saturday event each month
  • All exhibitors will be required to read and sign a copy of the NoBo Art District’s exhibition agreement
  • NoBo shall receive a 30% commission for any work sold  
  • Volunteer hours are required in the form of exhibition installation, gallery sitting, de-installation and wall restoration as needed

Gallery Mission: To provide equitable access and opportunities to artists and community members to exhibit, curate and create events in a highly visible and premier gallery space in the NoBo Art District. We hope to create diverse and robust arts programming that attracts more visitors and foot traffic to the NoBo Art District and North Boulder businesses. This Gallery space is made possible through the generosity and in-kind support from Thistle Communities and an anonymous sponsor. 

COVID 19: We intend to curate and host exhibits in the Gallery spaces that follow Health Department COVID 19 safety protocols and will therefore remain flexible to respond to changing health situations in our community. This may mean opening by appointment only at times. 

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