2020 Vision: New Eyes, New World

One cool thing salvaged from the pandemic and taking on a life of its own… We at Creativity Alive (formerly Mmmwhah!) have had a rocky road to be sure since our whole mission revolves around bringing people together to “inspire creativity & build community.”  Annnnnnnd, we finally have one really good thing going that involves a whole bunch of Boulder High kids, as well as other students and adult artists in Boulder.

We have just launched a “2020 Vision: New Eyes, New World” art social media campaign addressing the questions of “What are the New Eyes emerging from this New World that we find ourselves in? What are the new ways of seeing, of being seen, of seeing each other?  What is the breadth of our experiences and how do our eyes and our art express that?”

Check out some of these fantastic pieces by the students….  We already have > 35 student pieces submitted. The campaign is unfolding on our new Instagram account and you can see more sneak peeks at https://www.mmmwhah.com/vision-2020.