Michael Banks

Michael Banks is a painter and visual artist based in Boulder Colorado. His subjects include space/time discontinuity, the origins of light and contemporary Western landscapes. Many of his works pay tribute to Marc Rothko and extend the exploration of the intricacies of human vision, and the ability of art to increase the fine line of seeing.

His works often involve mixed medium image transfer in which images of past eras are layered with images of the present and thought stream. These series include Sisyphus I-X, A Century of Flight, and Iridic Light.

His works have appeared in a variety of venues including exhibits at the University of Colorado (Gamow Tower– COBE), Harvard University (Currier Hall) and Blink Art Gallery. Michael can be reached at m.banks7@gmail.com or 720-201-2858.


Type: Painting
Style: Abstract

Michael Banks

4949 Broadway Street
Boulder, CO 80304