Melanye Levin

I am inspired to paint colorful abstract forms that are simple and natural feeling. I tend to juxtapose complex color and shapes in a rhythmic pattern.

My paintings emerge and flow naturally and unconsciously. Only when the piece is finished do I identify the emotion and motivation for the work. I enjoy abstracts because they allow each viewer to find a personal interpretation, to extract meaning from and insight into their own consciousness.
I’m in love with all nature and the atmosphere. Clouds never fail to inspire me! I’ve studied them and continue to enjoy painting them. This earlier influence is evident in my later abstract work.

I have studied with many artist-mentors, my mother and grandmother were also painters. I now enjoy teaching and I continue to learn from other artists. I hope that you enjoy my work!

Type: Painting
Style: Abstract

Melanye Levin

1851 W Barberry Ct
Louisville, CO 80027