Maya Haase

To me , art is a dance and a communication with the Unseen : something that gives me a thumbs-up by playing with color , form , structure, texture and content in ways that are unexpected . It is also a process of listening , of paying attention to what wants to come and of finding a place within that remains open to it . It also has to do with un-doing the places within that come from a place of fear/judgment .

My life has been a deepening into the understanding that I am /we are co-creators . In some ways , being slightly subversive is part of living an artful life : to wake up , to un-do conditioning , to question , to live a soul-filled life rather than an automatic one is all part of acknowledging the depth of our connectedness to the Mystery . In that place, there is no need to compete, to excel, to conquer or even to survive … only to come to a greater view of what life actually is . Whenever I read/ see /hear/participate in something that connects to that greater place , I feel validated in looking at life as an adventure to be lived rather than a problem to be solved . That is a 2 -way street ; art , like anything else , is about relationship : to be experienced as something connected to a greater view/truth , the onlooker has to be in a receptive and open place , rather than a place of pre-conception .

What speaks to us , though, is an entirely individual thing , and reflects on ourselves more than anything else . So it is a state of openness as much as the ability to discern/select that can help us to express our own unique embracement of life … in that , there are no aesthetic mistakes . If we truly understood that, we could come to live in greater harmony while respecting all other forms of life as equally entitled to their expression …

For the year 2017, I am offering a monthly  gathering that is rooted in a Peruvian Earth-honoring wisdom tradition . We will experience the transformational qualities of ceremonial work and en-visioning . For more detail , please go to the ‘calendar’ page of my website …





Type: Collage and Assemblage, Installation
Style: Abstract

Maya Haase

4645 Broadway #C2
Boulder, CO 80301