Margaret Galvin Johnson

About my Paintings

My life has been unusually complicated though I am just an ordinary person. My current work represents the intersection between me and my influencers. Inspiration comes from all of my individual relationships with family, friends, and nature as well as my relationship with myself and those who have helped me along the way. I chose to view these important relationships collectively and express them as paintings. All the people who have influenced me in my life are represented here in some way.

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About my Photography

Flowers bring me great joy. I I spend hours looking at flowers closely. I have illustrated them, photographed them and planted them for over forty years. I like to think of the flower images from my on-going gratitude for the simple things in life. These photos are the outgrowth of my lifelong passion for flowers and my best images to date. Please visit my Shopify site.

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Type: Painting, Photography
Style: Abstract, Realism

Margaret Galvin Johnson

4475 Nassau Pl
Boulder, CO 80301