Gabrielle Shannon Studio

Having grown up in New York in a very artistic environment was fortune. My father was a painter and spending time together meant there was always paint involved. Either we were painting or spending time at the Metropolitan or MOMA, we’d go every weekend. I was also very lucky to have The Art Students League a subway ride away. I started at The league studying Anatomy with Robert Beverly Hale when I was 14 years old. Mr. Hale was a master and I a shy introverted young girl. There was something very magical about him, he was sheer genius, and that time and memory is something I shall hold close forever.

The Art Students League, School of Visual Arts, Grove Arts in California, and numerous talented people to learn from, provided years of glorious learning.

Life moves like water and while doing posters and playbills for theatres I got distracted from the visual arts and got into the preforming arts for a number of years. after that I co-founded “Urban Desires” the first interactive Art and Culture ’zine of its kind online in early 1994-2000. Winner of numerous awards Urban Desires was cutting edge in 1994. Produced monthly, UD always made sure to use whatever new technology was available at the time in its design .

In 2002 we moved to the tiny sleepy town of South Salem, in Westchester NY. Being a Mom was full time for me for a number of years ’til I got the itch to create again. I’ve always loved styling and spent a lot of time being an Assistant Stylist in NY while pursuing Acting and the Visual Arts. I started a staging and decorating business ( Stage to Show ) doing high end homes in Westchester and Fairfieild Counties that became the largest on the East Coast for seven years.

My husband was spending a lot of time on the West Coast, so we decided it was time for a move. While visiting friends in Colorado we fell in love with Boulder. We packed up, I sold my company, and we moved out to Boulder in a matter of months.

What happened after was life changing and not in the way I expected. I landed in Denver on August 31st, 2011. On Sept. 9th while putting things away in the kitchen standing on a step stool I slipped on some water from the open dishwasher, hit the corner of a wall on my temple and suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury.

Two and a half years of a roller coaster ride learning to keep my balance, find my words, battle mood swings and memory loss followed. The gift of painting saved me, the slow ease of working in my studio allowed my brain to heal and in the process fall in love with my art, again and again. … I am in the fertile void allowing expression of my unconscious to flow.

Please join me,
Gabrielle Shannon

Type: Painting
Style: Abstract

Gabrielle Shannon Studio

4949 Broadway, # 102b
Boulder, CO 80304