Caroline Tompson

When I reflect on my work, past or present, I hear a voice that describes the process that begins and ends each piece. I explain it simply through this artist

An Artful Dance: From Lust to Love

Every painting I successfully complete has a tender, personal place in my being. The finished work has become part of me, and the creative relationship we share is intimate, loving and committed. However, every painting begins simply with hope, anticipation that the work will satisfy my spirit and be the treasured one.

As the process begins, I approach the canvas as though I were dancing for the first time. Flirtatiously, I brush the canvas with bold color and rich imagery. I playfully tease new patterns to life, in the grip of an obsession, and there is anticipation that the work will perform well.

If the piece materializes beyond this early stage, taking on a life of its own, that not only seduces but engulfs me on a deeper, truer level, I know I have transcended lust and I finish the work. If the piece is successful, I commit my name to the canvas as a symbol of my devotion. I, like Pygmalion, have fallen deeply in love with my creation.

But sometimes, after being swept away in expectation, I realize the relationship disappoints. The intensity lessons, the obsession disappears. The ideal I saw in the beginning loses its luster and fades. I reach for a rag as the dance stills, and regretfully, I wipe the canvas clean.

But with renewed faith, fresh images appear on the horizon, hope returns, and I give myself license to try again. The music summons, a creation promises once more to transcend obsession and be claimed forever. The dance is never ending; the rhythm is heard, the music stirs the passion. The spirit is constant.

Type: Painting
Style: Abstract

Caroline Tompson

337 Arapahoe #101
Boulder, CO 80302