Alexander Stark

I am interested in where things fall apart, where there is ambiguity between visual representation and abstraction. I try to capture that sense of ambiguity in my work so that the viewer is not certain about what they are seeing. I experience double vision and create a space where dimensionality is questioned. I use unusual and intense color combinations in order to challenge the viewer’s expectations about what they are looking at.

My work is process based. I paint expressively and quickly because I like to see the evidence of my hand in what I make. I have partial right-sided paralysis and I let my mistakes be a part of the work. The shakiness in my hand informs my aesthetic, recording and revealing my process of exploration. By intentionally leaving my mistakes visible, I create a vulnerability that I want a viewer to relate to.

Type: Painting
Style: Abstract

Alexander Stark

Unlisted address
Boulder, CO 80304