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2500 47th Street Unit 10
Boulder, Boulder 80304
Phone: 303-475-9705

Boulder Creative Collective

The BCC: Warehouse is the home of 10 working artists, mediums include but are not limited to: painting, printmaking, collage, papermaking, bookbinding, sculpture, performance, installation, mural projects, photography, magazine production, design etc.

The Boulder Creative Collective’s
mission is to strengthen community within the Boulder art scene and beyond. The BCC has successfully connected Boulder residents with art through exciting and unexpected events. This has created a solid foundation for Boulder's creative culture to mature and flourish. With our newest project, The BCC: Warehouse, our goal is to better develop and sustain our model of producing a variety of art centric happenings on a larger scale.We want to breathe a new vitality into the 'Lower East Side' of Boulder while establishing the BCC: Warehouse as an event space where anything can happen. The BCC: Warehouse will provide much needed space for artists to connect and engage the larger Boulder community. This space will be a fertile ground for creative support, collaboration, exhibition, workshops, performance, and more. The BCC: Warehouse will become known as a vibrant space where innovative ideas come to life and inspire the community.The BCC: Warehouse strives to keep studio rentals affordable while providing a state of the art exhibition space where artists can focus on their work and career development in a vibrant, community centered space.

The BCC is committed to its founding principles: create, connect, exchange, collect. The BCC feels these four principles are the core values of a sustainable art community