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Betsy Cole

Working with vibrant colors and inspired by many of the Abstract Expressionists, Betsy Cole is a painter whose principal influence comes from Bali, with its warmth and generosity, and where art is conceived as a dance that magically unveils the emotions along life’s journey.

Tiffany Crowder

Travel & Nature Photography, Painting, Mixed Media, and Sculpture

Farm Tub

Wood and metal gardening planters

Jen Herling

Acrylic, Pencil, Lokta papers, watercolor, Ink

Merlyn Holmes

Dancer, writer, photographer, creative spirit. Co-founder of Mmmwhah! Music, Movement, Meditation – whoa! and – Art performance and workshop series.

Brett Linda Stapleton

Watercolor using a Wax Batik Style on Rice Paper, Traditional Watercolor, Digital Photographic Art, and Handmade Greeting Cards.

Stefka Trusz

Scan-ography (camera-less Photography) and Encaustic Painting

Sue Wallingford

Mixed media, painting, collage what ever medium moves me.