The NoBo Art District is an artist run organization dedicated to promoting the 220+ artists and creative industries clustered along Broadway in North Boulder, Colorado. Characterized by a mix of artist friendly industrial warehouses, new urbanist neighborhoods, retail and restaurants, the NoBo Art District’s current heart is at the intersection of Broadway and Yarmouth Avenue with many artists’ studios fanning out from there within walking distance of each other.

The NoBo Art District supports public art, education and events in our community. Our initiatives:

• Create a dynamic and supportive environment for Boulder’s artists by sponsoring First Friday openings, holding open meetings and reaching out to artists outside our footprint.

• Support access to contemporary art and art education by offering PaintAbout classes and scholarships.

• Fulfill people’s needs for growth, communication and a sense of community by hosting art projects and happenings like the NoBo Little Libraries in our neighborhoods.

• Initiate the creation of a vital street-scape enlivened by sculpture, lighting and other art through the creation of a public arts program.

Wherever creatives live, work and sell their work in a cluster is a place ripe for the formation of an art district. Many Colorado towns engage artists, creative entrepreneurs and local cultural organizations to help vitalize their communities. The result: new jobs, animated public spaces and rejuvenated structures. These are opportunities that bring people together to celebrate, inspire and be inspired.

Make a tax deductible contribution to the NoBo Art District. Your contribution is received by Boulder County Arts Alliance and re-granted to our organization through the BCAA Fiscal Sponsorship program.

Board of Directors

Lisa Nesmith, President

Cynthia Mueller, Treasurer

Barbara Beasley, Secretary

Steve O' Bryan, Board Member

Jeanny Russell, Membership Chair

Thanks to our grants this year and next, countless NoBo Little Library users will enjoy books, art and community & our Seniors & Families will experience PaintAbout during First Fridays. These projects are funded (or funded in part) by a grant from the Boulder Arts Commission, an agency of the Boulder City Council.

Email us: NoBoArtDistrict@gmail.com

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